When you have a good manual dexterity in performing certain types of work home, you can even think of laying the tiles in the bathroom with his own hands, but you better get to work taking into consideration some important details: see, therefore, how should proceed.

You have to start before anything else, to detect what area of your bathroom is more in sight: generally, at least one side (either the floor or the wall ) tend to be more exposed to light from a window (as shown the example shown in the photo): is the area that you treat with greater attention to make good tiling , in fact any slightest imperfection will certainly be highlighted and you will notice immediately. Also take care to another particular : choose wisely the size of the tiles , in fact they are small eat the better and have a better chance of a little hard to hide.

Prior to installation, set by which point you will begin to apply the tiles. We can say that, normally, sharp edges you should start with integer elements until they ‘die’ cutting them according to different requirements when you reach the corners. Better still begin to tile starting from the door (always spaced the tiles with marks ) and then advancing with a line of tiles coming across the room, then continue in reverse, starting from the bottom and to the door.


Make use of a spirit level to air and marked carefully the various points on each tile Bring the measures of small or irregular spaces to be filled (for instance, every part that can not be coated with a whole tile ), then cut with the appropriate hacksaw,If the area to be covered is wide, apply the adhesive with a notched trowel directly onto the wall (never more than a meter or risk too dry), on the contrary, you can instead put it under the back of each tile After about 24 hours, you can spread the grout joints filling the edge of the sink, the tub and shower, do not forget to apply the appropriate mold silicone sealant to prevent unsightly dark circles and harmful ingress of water .

One last tip: if your bathroom is small and not too bright, choose compositions preferably very clear to solid colors, because capture more light and give you the idea that the environment is less strict, add possibly a mirror rather large : in a tiny bathroom can make a miracle.