The summer holidays are now a thing of the past, leaving behind wonderful memories that you want to keep in mind. Many of us relate memories in order to integrate them into our decor, but let’s face it, it is not always easy to integrate in an original, coherent and organized! Here are some inspirations innovative solutions to enhance these witnesses of your escapades rewarding. Projects to be carried conveniently in a good mood, listening to appropriate music and as relaxing!

Inspiration 1: The diversion function

Use an object to another line is a fun way to integrate memories decor. For example, cover a chair or a screen with a map that you have previously traced the route taken to the marker. Do not hesitate to use an annotated map of your judgments and comments to give more life! Always using lots of maps or photographs representative of the highlights of your holiday, cover of letters forming a word and put it on the shelf of the fireplace or the window sill. Turn your memories into ornaments to hang here and there: door handles, hooks at the entrance, and why not decorations for your Christmas tree!


Inspiration 2: exhibition furniture

Get a coffee table with a glass area designed to accommodate your precious memories. Make descriptive boxes to add relevant information they feed into the conversation when entertaining!Beautiful coffee table showcase vintage Vladimir Kagan to expose its treasures. Choose a small space in height and must place a well lit window which you can top your favorite memories. Several models of windows suitable for all scholarships are available on the market.

Inspiration 3: Decorate objects already part of your daily

Enhance your bags or storage boxes with pictures and memorabilia such as ticket, concert ticket, postcard, etc.

Inspiration 4: Use your talents to author!

Compose a narrative (script if you have a nice calligraphy) which will relate your fondest memories. Your account may take the form of a story, a newspaper, a story or a poem. If the story is short, it can be framed and posted on the wall. Add photographs or cutouts and postcards of places visited. If it is larger, do connect to a book, this precious memories will certainly survive the test of time!

Inspiration 5: Perform a photomontage

Using graphics software composition, gather your best shots and turn it into a mounting frame that you simply do. For a different effect, gather several pictures representing a souvenir and enclose them in settings of identical sizes and colors to achieve a linear or geometric composition on a wall or on thin tablets.

Inspiration 6: Create a space theme

Most often carried out in a bathroom, create a space in a travel theme remains one of the most winning achievements deco. In such an embodiment, branches, rocks, leaves and other items from nature bring unquestionably a marked effect of authenticity. Finally, regardless of the memory you want to incorporate into your decor, it is important to consider that it should be highlighted but take the whole place. Thus, it is desirable to group them by theme or location, while respecting the colors and style of the surrounding space.