To personalize a space, a room, the photos are always welcome. But beware! You should know what type of development preferred style of decor. Here are three examples to illustrate the correspondence between types of decorative pictures (color, black and white and sepia) and refined style. Moreover, we should consider coaching. THE COLOR PHOTOS Photos color fit nicely into a very colorful decor, eclectic and even modern. The color photos add a touch to the decor very interesting, but we must know how to choose. For this, we must try as much as possible to select panoramic pictures for the walls and keep the family photos and portraits for furniture and shelves. Of course, there is always an exception, but in general it is not mistaken in this respect.

For managers of color photos, it is sometimes interesting to minimize the frame to give more importance to the photo and less supervision (glass frames). This creates a style art gallery in giving importance to the photo. Otherwise, we can choose a very simple framework, with nice straight lines containing a nice mat (black or white, preferably) that will highlight the colors in the photo. In short: you choose the color for a living decoration , which has the movement and temperament. Color photography keeps us in the present moment. This is a good choice for kitchens, for example. We provide contrasting colors on the walls, because nothing is more beautiful than a large photo of tomato or other vegetable or fruit color (in macro or close-up) on a kitchen wall.


THE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS The black and white photos always come together in a contemporary setting, so rather clean straight lines and minimalist. For managers, there are always exceptions to the rule because the color pictures fit together very well to contemporary, as long as the photo and coaching are well chosen. For black and white, the most important is a framework that will, again, very simple. Black and chrome frames are always great choices. In short: you choose the black and white for a simple decor, minimalist, or mature male. It is ideal for offices, parts of men, for example. SEPIA PHOTOS A little history first.

Originally, the sepia is a brownish liquid that removes the cuttlefish which is actually a kind of ink wash drawing for the (Office of the French Language). Of course, today, the process is artificially recreated and can be used in photo. sepia finish is an excellent choice for decoration classic, traditional, old and European. This is an excellent choice for any decor to remember the past. It also evokes nostalgia. Moreover, this finish is soothing to the eyes, balanced and warm. We can venture on several choices when it comes time to choose a frame for photos sepia. However, the golden hues, ornate frames, wood and bronze are all great choices. In short: you choose the sepia finish for a warm, feminine and enveloping. It is above all a return to the past. A good choice for bedrooms, for example. This finish blends perfectly with the earthy colors.

Especially, do not go on thinking that all this is very complicated. Most of the time, consider the photo that you want to display and where one wants to hang before choosing the type of development. The idea is to expose our pictures and never let them sleep in the bottom drawer! Last tip: be sure to locate your photos (the place and date) on the mat! The effect is very pretty and very personal. team Decorate your life.