The fireplace has now become a piece of furniture almost indispensable. In all the beautiful houses and well appointed, the fireplace can not miss and there are so many types and colors so that you can adapt to all types of architecture and decor. Nowadays it is not necessary to implant a fireplace true, namely that only works in wood, but there are different types available. Let us now see how to integrate the chimney with the modern furniture.

For all those that define the fireplace “old-fashioned” it is good to know that things are never out of fashion classic: the fireplace is no exception. Also, today there are fireplaces that are really, really futuristic charm in a refined setting. For homes with an essential style, there are fireplaces minimalist that enrich the environment as well as, of course, warm it up. These fireplaces make it a lot in terms of consumption and saves a lot of energy if we think that their performance they offer 75% of the heat produced with a very low percentage of dispersion.


From the aesthetic point of view, there are brands and models that are mainly aimed at the sight of the fire. In addition to putting joy, the sight of the flames is a symbol of community, hospitality and that is what it takes for an environment that maybe you cannot define “hot” especially if there is a glass wall. Some of these chimneys can also orient to 360 ° and others have the size of a large plasma television. There are cylinder shaped and others in the box. These models are perfectly in tune with modern furniture solutions.

As for the environments that best accommodate a fireplace in both modern and classic, the area prince is always the kitchen, especially if it is a combined environment (the famous kitchen-living room). If the furniture is rustic, classic fireplace is strongly preferred. The lounge is perfect for planting a beautiful fireplace. Here, you should definitely be on the big screen model. However, if your desire is to implant a fireplace in the bedroom, you should consider the closed hearth fireplace ventilated in order to have heat and the vibrant wiggling the flames without any danger for 10 hours straight. This is the case of a dual fired fireplace. Excellent solution of fireplace corner that allows you to have, in a small space, the heat in two different directions. This is the perfect solution for the study and for the kids room.