Summer is known that it is not just sea and suntan, but also warm, sultry and sometimes difficult to bear. Usually during the hottest days of the summer season there locks herself at home with the air conditioner access. However you can implement some small tricks that help keep the home cooler. So aside from the lucky ones who have the air-conditioning system, those without the system at home can follow these tips to keep your house cool and save many money on electricity . So let us see how to keep the house cool in summer.

the house

Definitely an important thing to do is to prevent sunlight from entering the house . So from the early hours of the morning keep the blinds or shutters closed. Take advantage of the night to air the house, leaving the windows open from the evening until the early morning hours . Another tip we can give is to use of light curtains, which possibly white, reflecting the light, let the natural light in the house without having to spend money in salted electricity bills.

For home cooks it is important to follow the precaution not to turn on the oven and stove from 10 in the morning until late afternoon and possibly prevent ignition of the various appliances during the hottest hours , as they give off much heat. As few people know, cupboards and carpets absorb and store heat; it would therefore be preferable to remove the carpets for the summer and open all the cabinet doors at night, so as to create a circulation of air inside them.

The fans, if used cleverly, are an excellent defense to heat. As you know, there are various types of fans, but those who will help us to defend ourselves from the heat are essentially three: axial fan , fan “jet” with support platform and fan ceiling . In the rooms the hot air being thinner and having a lower weight, it tends to rise to the top, than cold water, being heavier, down to the bottom. In summer , the opposite effect occurs, since the hot air is higher than the cold one, and thanks to this we can use the ceiling fan that changing the currents there will experience some degree less. Another small truncheon that you can put into practice is to fill some bowls with ice or refrigeration tables and place them in front of the fans. In this way the air which move will be chilled.