The closet is a big challenge, especially for women. Usually you have many clothes and accessories and keep everything in order might seem really impossible. Well, let us see some practical advice to always keep your wardrobe in order, so that the search of something does not mean the passing hours and hours in front of several shelves in sifting through things.

First, you need to outline the closet. This means having in mind what you want to put in a door or drawer rather than in others. It is a good helper for both memory and for the search of our clothes. Surely in this way we will go directly into the specific area to search for what we need at that moment.

After you have decided where to put things, you have to figure out how to put them. Obviously it would be appropriate to divide the things used by those who are still clean. This allows on the one hand not to get all the clothes and the other to keep in order the things clean. You might decide to make booths, or create the appropriate columns of used clothes or not.


A big secret in keeping everything in order is also not to accumulate clutter. When you change your clothes , you should take care to immediately put everything in order. Do not do this methodically, then it could mean having to devote hours and hours to rearrange the closet. With the pace of life that we have today, it would be profitable to avoid wasting time and rearrange everything in turn, means just use their time better by using it in different ways.

The arrangement of the cabinet should include areas where you can put things you do not use. They may be out of season clothes or just clothes that we are not going to stay put. This will allow you to have always the need to avoid creating chaos.

In the closet you can also enter the pages, the belts or other accessories. Each one must have its own place. If you begin to apply these tips when you open the cabinet doors or the various drawers, it will be a pleasure to choose what to do and what combinations. Keep order in the closet can really make your life easier and more enjoyable it can make choosing clothes to wear and how to wear them.