The resin is one of the most popular materials used for coating large surfaces. It is a material composed of organic products of synthetic and natural composed of modified polymers that make it hard as stone. Thanks to the many colors and low costs, more and more is also used for housing. In addition the ease of installation , makes the operation easier to perform, even without the support of a specialized technician . Here are some tips on how to lay a laminate floor .

What is important to know is that this coating adheres well on different surfaces and is stackable, which means that it can be superimposed precisely even on existing floor, thus avoiding the high costs of decommissioning. Usually it is not even necessary to intervene on the adjustment of doors or gates, because the thickness of the coating is minimal. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, suitable for even the walls of the house, in addition to choosing the color and decoration, but the final effect: matt, polished or rough.


For the success of the operation is essential to make sure the state of the underlying surface, cracks, holes and uneven not properly treated could affect the result. If you work on an existing surface, it is necessary to intervene with specific products, or by using the sander, is the case of the tiles, so you need to fill in all the gaps between the one and the other with the pasta “taste escape”, sold in hardware stores. It is applied in the slots with a spatula and allowed to adhere for some hours, at this point one can proceed by pouring the liquid resin on the surface . E ‘need to know that being a liquid thermosetting, the temperature during processing should be between 10 and 30 degrees, to avoid that solidify in too long or too short compared to the necessary. Use a trowel to spread evenly the liquid, which however will tend to flatten out alone. The last step is the elimination of air bubbles through the passage is a common roller usually used by painters.

Now we have to wait from 36 to 48 hours for perfect drying With regard to the cleaning, the resin is treatable as any other surface and does not require specific treatments, the duration instead is affected by the type of use to which it is subjected, while being a very resistant material, in fact, is subject to wear over time as any other object.