To decorate and setting the Christmas table, giving it a unique and traditional, you must obtain the few materials needed and follow the simple directions and creative procedures set forth herein. It is about creating original and colorful Christmas crackers, which adorn your table during the Christmas holidays. These table decorations can be customized by applying on each decoration DIY, a label with name.

You need:

* Christmas wrapping paper
* Scissors
* Cutter
* Pencil
* Ruler
* Cardboard tubes
* Double-sided tape
* Seals
* Wire raffia
* Chocolates or candies
* Crackling strips
* Labels of cardboard
* Markers

To start making various decorations for the Christmas table , you must first create different DIY Christmas crackers , then take a sheet of paper gift colorful, and obtained with the help of the ruler and pencil, rectangle, about the size of 15 * 27 cm. After that, take one or more rolls of cardboard, of 4/5 cm in diameter and cut into three pieces, one of approximately 9 inches long and the other two about 6 inches each, by means of a cutter. Then continue your work, simply by taking the sheets of wrapping paper patterned and arranging them on your work surface, with the printed side down.


At this point, after having obtained the various cardboard tubes to be coated with the gift card of your choice, fixing a strip of double-sided adhesive tape of paper on a long side of the gift card, and after you have three tubes of cardboard cut into previously above the sheet of paper chosen gift. The three pieces of cardboard tube should be aligned well, at the center of the sheet of wrapping paper, putting the two smaller pieces at the ends of the sheet, and to center the piece of tube largest, leaving little space between the various pieces of tubing cardboard. After that, it must put the strip crackling in the various tubes, so that it pops out in the same way on both extreme sides of the small tubes. Then add in a small cardboard tube central gift, such as chocolates or candies to your liking.

To complete once you have inserted a little thought into the cardboard tube station, you have to carefully remove the protective film from the double sided tape and carefully wrap the gift card around the three tubes aligned so as to cover them completely. Finally, press along the double-sided tape, to attack well and trim your Christmas decoration, staring around the spaces left between the pipe central and side, of pieces of colored raffia, so as to form a sort of Carmelina Decorative. Finally Refine your decoration for the table by applying seals to your taste. Finally, apply on one end tied with raffia , a cardboard label with the name of the diner. Similarly, other manufactures Christmas crackers, using wrapping paper Christmas differently and different gasket. Good work!