The brick is one of the oldest materials used for paving areas both internal and external. The terracotta tiles are made ​​of a mixture of clay and water, which is cooked, in a second moment, in special ovens at high temperatures. Lay a brick floor is by no means a simple and fast but, following this step by step guide, you will be able to reach a satisfactory end result .

A terracotta flooring gives the place a cozy rustic flavor, but taken care of. The most utilized technology to pose this type of material, quite naturally, is that the adhesive: With this particular system you have the ability to plan, in advance, the whole installation before you actually start to lay the tiles on screed. For one thing, you have to spread the appropriate adhesive with a notched trowel, so as to create an even layer. To prevent the surface of the same beginning to dry out before the installation, it is appropriate stenderne small quantities at a time. Place immediately tile floors , pressing with your hands to make it stick, in the best way, to the surface, without causing air bubbles issues, potential due to breakage of tiles cutlery. Between a tile and the other, you should leave a space, known as an escape. For spacing the joints in a uniform manner, one can use the appropriate spacers in plastic material, which will then be removed, to pose ended.


Just finished the entire pavement, you must wait at least twenty-four hours in order to proceed with the grouting of the joints in the most appropriate manner. Before attempting to seal the lines of flight, it is advisable to wet the brick floor, because, otherwise, would absorb the moisture contained within the fill material and would not allow the same, to dry properly and uniformly. In general, to fill the cooked, using special mortars that are commonly found in commerce. Simply apply between a tile and the other with a flexible spatula.

After carefully plastered all over the floor, you have to clean it with a damp cloth to remove all the mortar of any burrs before they dry after a couple of days, you may proceed to wash the floor with a special cleaning solution and rinse it, then with plenty of clean water. As a result, you can proceed to the processing of the floor in order to make the waterproof cooked , and avoid getting stained easily Just wipe it with a sponge soaked in an impregnating solution very liquid, which acts both as a mold, from which anti absorption After drying of the treatment, the floor tiles will be ready by trample.