The problem of lighting the children’s room is a big issue that needs to be addressed at the beginning, when you design, along with the choice of furniture , and sometimes even earlier. Because if we employ a more daring choice we need a system that properly, to avoid leaving wires in sight on the walls . In the next steps will be shown various ways to adequately illuminate the nursery.

If you are renovating your home, we have the ability to pay attention to every detail. In this case we can choose to place on one or more walls free appliques with a number of subjects suitable for children, who in addition to performing the function of light will also serve as decoration. Alternatively, you can choose to create a double row of wall sconces, taking care to place them embossed.


Another option to consider if there is no possibility, in economic terms, is to make us realize a ceiling, and in this case you can indulge your imagination. In fact, you can get one with the simple shape of the room, far in advance of twenty inches from the wall to place a strip of LED tubular lamps or gas (the so-called neon) obtaining perimeter lighting . Or you can create two bands of ceiling that will run along two opposite walls, or a formal L at an angle, the solutions are many, and with aesthetic effects and technicians are always different.

Very characteristic of an idea is to place on the surface of the ceiling in a rather random a series of LEDs of different sizes and with colors ranging from white to blue, getting the effect of a starry sky. This solution is optimal if children find it hard to fall asleep for fear of the dark. The inexpensive and practical alternative is to attach to the ceiling shapes of stars of various sizes and fluorescent material. A solution little used, but very original, which serves always to perform the function of a night light, is to position the light devices under the bed of the small. Sara also good to place a lamp on the headboard of the bed, for the times when the child want to read .

Finally, if we opt for the classic chandelier to be placed at the center of the room, we also hear something suitable for a child. In the market, there are chandeliers of all shapes: flower, star, sun, balloon, cloud. We can make this mode a bit ‘more particularly by placing several elements, each with luminous device, in such a way as to have different levels of illumination.