You have decided to turn on the fireplace and do not know where to start in order to avoid filling the house with smoke? Have you tried several times to burn paper and wood with matches and you’ve come to anything? Do not be discouraged: Follow these tips and you will soon learn to burn in the fire, ready to heat the rigidity of winter days.

For successful are fundamental ingredients . First make sure that the fireplace has been opened the damper that closes the hood; cleaner with accuracy the floor of the hearth from the ash possibly left by the previous combustion, because they obstruct the circulation of oxygen. Open just a window to circulate the air to ignite. Get Finally, some pieces of wood of various sizes, preferably stored in a dry and well seasoned. Avoid using green wood or wet, because provocheresti smoke and the outflow of water still contained in the parts of the plant.


Among the types of wood to choose from like best the oak, beech, elm and olive trees that are great for the formation of the fire, burn slowly as providing very good heat and coal for cooking on the grill. Begins by placing on the bottom of the hearth a timber large enough; on it appoggerai two branches finer but consistent, one on one side from one another, cross in the vicinity of the tips. At the center of the system some fine twigs (branches) and well seasoned, alternating with sheets of paper thin and strong that appiccherai fire with a match. When the branches have taken the flame, add a little branch often placed crosswise, making sure that the various pieces of wood there is always space where oxygen can accumulate, so as to prevent the suppression of hot flashes.

In the moment in which the wood piled will begin to burn with conviction, it may increase the pieces of wood, one or two at a time, passing to those thicker with caution and only after that the flames will have taken root well. Avoid overloading the castle of wood, by forming flames too high, because the flames and sparks may cause the dangerous and annoying burning of soot along the chimney. Similarly, do not use alcohol or other substances such as benzene and various hydrocarbons.

By actuating the springs, overpraise to approach parts of wood and broken consumed by fire, rekindling the stumps and accumulating the ash from a part. A fire kept in order, in fact, offers a higher yield. Remember, too, that the fire is not a garbage where to throw plastic or other objects. Emanate, however, a delicate aroma of citrus peels, oranges and tangerines but should never smother the flames. When the fire is consumed, the plan will be clean again and the ashes thrown, making sure to cool it in advance to avoid unpleasant consequences.