It ‘s very important to choose carefully the points where you decide to place lamps, lights or other lighting elements: in fact, often we get so lit environments to try even a certain discomfort in the eyes, in other cases can happen instead of not being able to read a good review because it is not this enough light or maybe not well distributed. How to prevent these problems occur in your home? As well illuminate the rooms in a way correct? follow this this article: talk about just that.

This becomes even easier when a property is to be restored, however, or when it is necessary to rewire, at which point you can evaluate with greater ease in the best way how to fix any electrical outlet and determine how to bring the light also housing in areas which tend to remain more in the shade and obviously not always a house to be inhabited, it needs a makeover, but will also need to consider how to properly fix the lamps, LED etc.


It’s very important to carefully observe the’ ambient light, causing first and foremost the areas where natural light comes from the outside, that is brought by the sun, the best ally of their eyes. We see therefore to ensure that mobile too large or very thick curtains do not contribute to limit the precious sunlight.

Carefully evaluate the needs of room brightness: in the living room, into the kitchen, living room, living room and study, you must have a pretty strong light that can afford to carry out their activities, but we can also associate a source illuminating more tenuous for the moments to devote to relax in an armchair, or decide to dine with soft lighting. The sleeping area necessitate diffused lighting with more soft effect, with chandeliers with shades of light that can become intense very light, lampshade or spotlights applied a ceiling. In the bathroom is useful to provide a stronger light (make-up, shaving, etc.) and a lower, to turn when using a shower, sink and toilet.

In the study it is important that the lighting is intense, but also in this room, you must enter a source of illumination to light the lowest when it comes to computer work or even during a break.
E ‘therefore always advisable to have the opportunity you can choose the intensity of light, although it is certainly not always necessary: ​​for example, in the closet used as a pantry or in the room that is used as laundry and ironing, it will not be necessary to include mood lighting, while not necessary to insert light bulbs high-voltage corridors, indeed, in the latter, especially in the home you are children or elderly people, is it advisable to enter into a power outlet, a slight point-light during the night will be easier for them to get to the bathroom or kitchen, if they suddenly sense the need to drink a glass of water.