How many times have you dreamed of imitating the actors who organize a party in the garden with attached bath in the pool? Whoever possesses it would be able to take advantage of the warm summer evenings organizing a bath at night to enjoy the various games of light that creates the movement of waves. Illumination of the pool is not only a requirement functional but has a strong visual impact that simply enhances the whole dwelling. Here are some tricks that will help you achieve the desired result.

In order to create the right effect is fundamental correctly position the lights. The underwater light bulbs should be placed along the walls of the tank so it is essential to leave a space of clutter during the construction of the pool . The magic of the night atmosphere that will be created will depend very much on the number of lights you will be using as well as the quality of the same . In addition, the context will be more impressive if around the tub there are plants whose leaves will reflect the halos of light generated by the movement of the water.


The lighting of the lamps logically entails a cost and the larger the pool the more the power consumption . Then opt for the new technology LED as the same light allows for significant energy savings. The spotlights of the new generation are composed of several small LEDs have a longer life of the classic bulbs and considerably reduced fuel consumption. Although LEDs have a purchase cost than standard lights can easily amortise them over time. If you love the colors consider a solution that allows you to freely change the color of the light. There are automatic and manual offering you a choice of colors to alternate depending on your mood, the season or your personal taste.

During installation, do not forget the safety factor Lights must be suitable for use in water and their characteristics must comply with stringent regulations in force. In the event of faults or malfunctions, the low voltage limits the exposure of bathers of potential hazards The lighting system is still connected to a safety switch that turns on automatically when short-circuited Give light to the pool also allows you to brighten dark areas usually of the house, such as the garden .