Discover the steps to generate different environments in the same room through the light. Principles, forms and styles of good lighting.

The lighting in our home is fundamental to a space where the functional , the aesthetic and sustainable to do so a more friendly and welcoming. Here are the steps necessary to manage the lighting and give the right energy in your home environment.

Decorate with light

To reform or decorate a space, we must plan in detail the sources of light natural and man can and want to use. During the day we must use all resources at hand to promote the use of natural light into the space and at night we need to know to locate and refine different materials with different sources of artificial light in relation to the spaces and objects of our home.



Natural light in a room is determined by geographic location and the immediate environment of the place. At the same time the type of opening and materials that filter natural light or permeabilized play a key role when handling. If we have a narrow, windowless kitchen, you should remove the door or make an opening into the living / dining room to allow the passage of light.

Artificial light

Can be generated within the same environment other microenvironments through enlightenment. By combining various sources of light in a room, we expand the interaction with the site. A source of cold light and diffuse is ideal for general lighting. Then we can afford to play with warm lights and hard, combining colors and pinpoint specific areas such as the bedside table, a painting on the wall or entry hall.

Characteristics of artificial lighting

Knowing the basic characteristics of light will give us greater discretion when illuminated. Lighting can be general or specific functional or decorative purposes. Different light sources produce specific effects and sensations, we can choose between incandescent , halogen and fluorescent among others, generating harsh environments or diffuse light, led directly or indirectly. The important thing is not to overload the space with dysfunctional lights and we avoid using colored lamps for general lighting as they can affect those who inhabit the place.