When you think about your own home, most of the time it refers to interior and cozy that host our days. Keep everything in perfect order in your home for many is a real pleasure, but it is equally important to treat the outdoors, and then siding, stairs, any poles, the septic tanks, and so forth that characterize the space outside of our home. In this guide, we’ll see then how to behave to make a good maintenance of the outdoor environments.

Dover performs maintenance of this type means logically have a villa, house or otherwise isolated, and excludes that the house we’re talking about is for example the apartment of an apartment building, where usually to deal with this type of work, are companies specialized. The first step is to reserve a thorough look at the coatings. These should be carefully checked to ensure they are in good condition and that there is risk of tripping by walking over them. To make a proper cleaning use the pressure jet of high-pressure cleaner, directing the water always from the inside outwards.


Another important aspect concerns the maintenance walkways that surround the house. If we notice that the paths you have created holes, cover them carefully is of paramount importance. To do this, get ready asphalt cold and compatibility inside the holes, sprinkling it with sand. No wonder if the hardening will not be immediate, because generally, for this process takes a couple of days.

Even the steps of any external stairs will be controlled with extreme care . If these need to be reconstructed we will use the cement 425, namely high strength. One of the risks we run to postpone the maintenance of outdoor areas, that’s what the poles, or beams, in the long run, can rot. If this is the case here, after having bought the other, we proceed to the removal of the old, simply by lifting them, and we place the new ones, remembering this time to treat them with greater regularity. Finally, if we have a septic tank, it is absolutely important to periodically check the level of the slurry, addressing periodically to companies that operate in the field and who will to suck in the excess sludge and remove any deposits .