At times you may have or to receive the old furniture, which no one knows how to reuse, perhaps because they do not fit the style of the house or because they are defective. This guide explains how you can transform an old belief unused, more precisely, the doors, in a bench design for children.

You need:

* Leaf of an old belief
* Sandpaper to smooth the wood
* Spray paint
* 4 legs for table
* Wood glue
* Drill
* Screwdriver
* A piece of paper for scrap booking

To make your bench design, you must first release the door from the cupboard. The one used in this guide also has a small drawer, which will be very useful for storing colors, pencils, pens, etc. Furthermore, between the door and the door itself there is a small space, where children can put the drawing paper or another. Now, you must abrade the whole leaf with the sandpaper, so as to prepare the timber for the paint.


When you have finished sanding, unscrew the door to the leaf and then abandons the two pieces on a cloth or a piece of nylon and begins to paint with spray paint. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can also use the normal paint to be applied with a brush, in this case, the job will take a little ‘more time! After painting, let it dry well. Meanwhile, paints also the legs of the table, purchased separately.

When the paint is completely dry, you can reassemble the door on the wing, then, Rovescala and down the legs, which typically include a screw. You will have to make four holes with the drill on the underside of the leaf, and, by securing a better, you could also use wood glue in addition to screws. Here point, your bench design is almost ready, lacking only some simple decoration to embellish it further!.

In this guide, we have chosen a decoration made ​​of paper for scrap booking, nothing prevents you to decorate hand , maybe painting a beautiful subject. To attach the paper, however, you will need to stretch, helping with a brush, a layer of glue on the wood and then attach the piece of paper just as you like! The bench design is finally ready to be used and, in addition, you will have solved the “thorny” issue sheets and colors scattered around the house!