To create a beautiful and personal Christmas decoration, I suggest you carefully follow the creative and simple procedural instructions listed here. It’s about creating a stylish and decorative garland Christmas decoration , made ​​with snowflakes embroidered felt, to give a touch of elegant decorativeness to a mobile of your home.

To start making a Christmas composition with bows made ​​of felt, just grab the paper model printed with snowflake, measuring about 10×10 cm and, with the help of a sharp pencil and carbon paper, trace carefully the outline above a sheet of paper. Then, continue your work by choosing a simple decoration and embroidery to be applied within each snowflake felt. So, also shows the pattern of the embroidery to be carried out on a sheet of paper, always using the pencil and the copy paper. Then, after you’ve cut out the exact shape of the snowflake paper with scissors, with sets of pins dressmaker’s model card of your snowflake, on a piece of felt, the color you wish, preferably white or cream, and after with a pen shows the envelope above the fabric.


At this point, once you’ve traced the shape of the bow of snow over the various scraps of felt color, cut out the different shapes decorative Felt obtained. After that, the available copy paper path above with the decoration by embroidering on each starlet, above a snowflake felt, supporting the side with the ink downward. Then trace with a pencil well sharpened the decor of your little snowflake, so as to transfer it over the bow. Similarly, transfer all decorations plotted on paper in the center of each small decorative bow of felt .

To end with a needle and thread embroidery floss green or red, or shades you want, following the decorum reported, embroider the pattern on each bow of felt. Finally, the finished embroidery on each snowflake, simply assemble the different bows, placing them on a piece of wire rope or cord around colorful 02/02/50 ml, distributing them along the wire at about 30/40 inches apart each other. To fix the various ribbons of cloth, you just sew with a needle and thread to match the colored twine. Finally, fixed between snowflakes small leaves Felt decorative and fix your beautiful Christmas decoration felt wherever you like.