To make a nice table runner for Christmas , simply read and follow the clear and simple procedural instructions listed here. The realization of this strip of decorative cloth, requires a bit ‘of time but it is highly effective.

You need:

* Scraps of fabric fantasy or monochrome
* Scissors
* Needle and thread
* Paper models
* Tape measure
* pins
* Pencil
* Iron

To wrap your Christmas runner, you first need to realize the various blocks of colored fabric or fancy, that will make your strip of fabric decorative table . So, to do this, cut approximately 5 square of the size of 11 * 11 cm, from three tissues colored to your tastes. Then, cut out 10 other rectangles of fabric of another color or fantasy, of approximately 11 * 4 centimeters, and finally obtains a strip of fabric of about 11 * 43 inches of printed fabric. Meanwhile sewing with needle and thread to match, the rectangles of 11 * 4 cm on the sides of each square and stretch after treatment with the various seams.


After that, you must derive other two strips of fabric, of about 3 * 43 inches for the square corner and after, sew a strip of fabric on both sides of the strip of 11 * 43 cm. After that, sew the various blocks of fabric formed with needle and thread in ink and then stretches with the seams open. Once having packaged the various blocks of tissue of approximately 16 cm in each side, simply realize the decorative frames, sewing in the middle of the various blocks of tissue. To do this, you have to cut 4 strips of fabric monochrome, of approximately 16 * 3 ​​cm and sew them between the various blocks of cloth made, so as to obtain your runner Christmas, composed of approximately 4 tissue blocks in a row.

Finally, to the second edge of your pretty runner do it yourself, you must cut two strips of 2 * 85 cm of fabric colored to your taste, maybe the same color as decorative frames between the blocks, sew them carefully and press them well. To finish, creates the ultimate edge decorative fabric monochrome or fantasy, depending on the effect you want to achieve, the size of about 5 * 22 cm, then combine them with a needle and thread on the top and bottom of your Christmas runner and Finally stretches with care. To finish, with the help of patterns obtained all the little Christmas decorative shapes you want, transfer them various scraps of colored fabric, sew them on after overcasting along the edges your runner. Finally, the lining and finish runner created with the bias. Good work!.