To make a decorative angel , which decorate a window or other area of the house, I suggest you follow the creative and practical procedural information listed here. In a creative and fast, get a nice little angel decorative plywood .

To begin making your little angel decorative DIY , you must first restore the shapes of the small angel, then the copra, head, arms, hands, legs and the two wings, the sheet of paper on a model piece of plywood, using a pencil. After that, cut the pieces with a scroll saw. Once you cut the pieces of your angel, smoothed the edges of various fine sandpaper and then remove the dust created. Then down the arms to the body of an angel, with wood glue and after the legs and all the other parts. Meanwhile, take the drill with the tip of about 2 mm in circumference and realizes the holes at the top, on the head of your little angel of wood and on the body, in correspondence of the two wings.


At this point, after practicing the holes, in correspondence of the wings, pragmatical another small hole about 4 mm, on the back of a hand of your angel for typing it so a small stick or other object. After that, continue your work coloring your angel decoration and with the pale pink color acrylic paint his hands and his little face, with black boots, a red dress with yellow and finally clear the two wings. Meanwhile, when the two wings are dry, embryological gently with white and make it dry. After this Refine the details of the face, with the brush and acrylic paints suitable, and finally fades the cheeks with a sponge.

To finish, add the pieces of wire, perforated in correspondence with the holes previously made, so as to firmly attach the wings to the body of your decorative angel . Finally, you have to decorate the dress for your little angel , making small golden decorations and let dry. Finally, do your hair, color of golden threads on the head and left to dry. To complete in order to give stability to your angel and be able to put it where you want, fixed on the back of a simple triangle made ​​with three sticks of wood, lay with the hot glue on the back of your subject ornamental wood as a support. Good work!.