To create a beautiful window decoration for silver , it is necessary, having procured the necessary supports, implement, simple and creative procedural instructions listed here. In a very creative and quick, you will get beautiful decorations of silver paper , which beautify and personalize your windows for Christmas.

You need:

* Silver paper
* Tracing paper
* Film shapes
* Scissors
* Cutter
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Pre-printed decoration
* Color ice effect
* Sponge
* Transparent adhesive tape
* Cutter

To begin creating your beautiful silver decoration for window, you must first choose the decorative pattern or decorative design to be realized, maybe recopying with care and precision by a printed pattern, using tracing paper. So after having traced the good decoration for window to do good must trace all the various details and details of the chosen design. After that, continue your work, cutting with scissors and a ruler from a piece of silver paper thin, a rectangle of about 30 * 25 cm within which we include your silver decoration DIY . So, cut the silver decoration for your window, you fold in half, perhaps with the help of the ruler, and arrange on top of the sheet silver, decorum previously reported on tracing paper .


At this point, once you’ve superimposed the decoration on shiny on one half of the rectangle silver, you must wipe with the help of a well sharpened pencil, all the various shapes and all details, so as to transfer it on your sheet. After that, take a cutter or a sharp knife, and remove with care and attention all the blank parts and the areas you want to delete to display your beautiful decoration for window. Then, very gently open the silver foil and you have a decorative mirror on the other half of the sheet silver also remained closed.

To complete, after realizing your beautiful decor silver, in the same way, and using decorative subjects different. Finally, after carefully cleaning the glass of the window, where to apply your decor silver, stick it on the glass surface by simply fitting them to the sides with clear tape. Finally, Refine your beautiful decoration of window, realizing all around small colorfully decorated, using the color ice effect from tarpon with a small sponge. To do this, obtains small decorations or abstract typically Christmas, the film for silhouettes, then fix them on the glass and paint them after cure. Good work!.