Kids love to draw and mess around and then necessarily need a plan of support for their games. Whether in their bedroom, or in any corner of the house, a space-saving desk is really ideal. If he is to the wall, even better because it will allow you to easily clean the mess that will combine.

The project that I propose is quite simple to implement, as well as economic. In fact, to the top of the desk you can use a simple port of recovery instead of buying the wood floor. This not only allows you to save, but also to have a much more original and beautiful. As a first step you must take measurements of the space you have available. I advise you to take advantage of as you can. Much better than a large work surface where the child can easily move with his toys or books and notebooks.


Once you have decided the size you arrange to adapt the door, if it were bigger. How deep will do fine a fifty cm . You will need to possibly mark with pencil and line the excess and cut with a hacksaw. Then you walk around the edges of coarse sandpaper to navigable properly. In any case, however, must provide for sanding well the entire surface of the door, on both sides, always with coarse sandpaper. At this point you have to choose two legs for what was to become the desk. You can find these pieces at a well-stocked hardware store, or at your local dealer. Apply them to the two ends of the long side intact, with the self-tapping screws long enough. The side eventually cut, which will be less precise, place it near the wall so that no visual imperfections.

At this point you can spend a coat of enticement across the desk. Leave to dry for about a day. Meanwhile take two small L-shaped brackets and apply them with screws and dowels, in the wall, the height of the edge of the shelf. Positional so that one of the sides is on the wall and the other at the top so that then you can then screwing the plane of the desk. Use of self-tapping screws screwing them well to the bottom. In the case comes out slightly the tip, caulks so that not known. Now you can paint the desk of the color you prefer. Let dry and then by another hand to cover better. You just have to spend a couple of coats of paint to water.