When you are thinking about improving your house to facilitate your desired lifestyle, it can be hard to decide which way to go. Extensions cost a lot of money and take a long time. They also cost you valuable garden space. Conservatories can also take a long time to complete, but at least they are not quite as involved when it comes to planning and local government red tape. Again, they take up your land. For creating more space downstairs in a house, you may have little choice. However, if your rooms are generously proportioned, you may be able to improve the layout of your house to squeeze in that extra room.

If you are trying to create an entertaining space like a formal dining room, it can be hard to see where it might fit if you live in a small house. Changing the layout can be costly and take a lot of time. It will also create a lot of mess. This may mean you can’t live in your house while the renovations are being undertaken. It may lead you to wonder why you would put yourself through all this to gain a little extra space that is not used daily. That is for you to determine.

Although it is possible to redesign your layout, some people don’t want to go through the aggravation of it. Instead, incorporating a dining space into a larger living room may work. Alternatively, when you replace your kitchen, you may choose to reclaim some of the worktop and cupboard space to fit a table and chairs. Remember you are still going to need somewhere to store everything, so be certain you will not leave yourself short.

When we enjoy dining with guests, we often like a room that is clear of clutter, away from the hubbub of the kitchen. We love the crisp table linen and fine china to be out. For more info on a wide range of tablecloths you can search online. When we dress our dining table, we like bold colored runners and neat napkins. Flowers and decorations finish off the table, and we may leave these out even when not in use.

dining roomThis photo from Flickr

Having children often means we need to shut all these things away to avoid breakages! Kids are great, but they do not mix well with a formal dining experience. If you have children in the house you are more likely to prefer to have a separate room for dining. It can be kept pristine and ready for the weekends. Breakfast or family areas near the kitchen are very handy when you have to watch over the children so it would be a shame to have to lose this space to create your formal dining area.

Wherever you manage to squeeze in a dining room, there will always be other things the space may need to be used for, especially as the kids grow up. You may need to use the room for PTA meetings, or for piano practice. You may even need it for a den because all the other rooms are being used for other things. Our lifestyles change, so your house may need to change with it.