The wardrobes with mirror doors are among the most versatile pieces of furniture and interesting, which are well suited to a modern style, as well as to more traditional environments. They are ideal for confined spaces, as, thanks to the play of light reflex, they create the illusion of more space and can be declined in many different ways depending on whether the reflecting surface is placed flush with the wood base, both stuck in a pattern of stripes or, perhaps, a mechanism mounted on a side-scrolling . Let’s see how to make a door strong>mirrored wardrobe/strong>.

Verify, before you start, that the type of wood you have available as a basis for the door and the cabinet structure, is strong enough. Must unite strength and thickness not excessive, to bear the weight of the mirror without sag, but be suitable supports (hinges or sliding elements) that you have available. Similarly, check the thickness of the slab in the mirror. If you have opted for a sliding door, accurately controls the maximum thickness supported by the sliding system. If the maximum value supported is 26 mm, taking into account the mirror and any straightening rods , the thickness of the wood should not exceed 18 mm.


Prepare the two surfaces, wood and mirror, the fastener. Levels the wood in order to eliminate any imperfections and thoroughly clean the back of the mirror by simply using alcohol. Then carefully remove debris that may interfere with the installation.

Proceed now staring at the mirror to the wood To do this you can proceed in different ways, depending on the size of the surface you are working on. If you’re working on a roof, or with mirrors small fix them using the screws studded, inserting between the two surfaces a rubber coating for doors larger than, you resort to putty, glue for a carpenter or, better yet, silicone If you use the carpenter’s glue, remember to include between the mirror and the wood, a piece of rough paper.

The most popular choice and practice is silicone. Choose the one neutral mirrors, not acrylic. Apply it in more points, but avoids spreading over the entire surface. The risk is that the mirror “shots” during the installation and therefore the wooden structure is curved. To provide a seal until completely dry silicone, you can use the double-sided tape . It is sufficient to cut off two pieces, of such dimensions as to cover the length of the diagonal of the mirror, and position them so that, crossing, forming an X. To prevent the wood not buckle under the weight of the glass pane, use the auction righting, being careful to choose the right model because the distance varies depending on the height of the leaf on which you wish to apply it.