To make an advent calendar fabric, I suggest you follow the simple instructions listed here. This is to pack a colorful, traditional and friendly calendar of cloth to hang wherever you want.

You need:

* Linen fabric
* Felt various colors
* Adhesive numbers
* Needle and thread
* Sewing machine
* Carbon less Paper
* Paper model
* Pencil
* Tape measure
* Ribbon
* Scissors
* Colored markers

To start building your personal calendar, first make the roof. For this purpose, the track with the pencil, two diagonals of about 60 centimeters, starting from the tip of the roof to the base of the calendar in the form of a small house. So taking the paper model, marks with a ruler and pencil a line that will be the basis of the your calendar. Then take a piece of canvas of about 45 * 65 cm, so as to rest the model, having the shape of a fun house, so as to obtain two identical shapes. After that, cut out about 24 small square shapes, from cuttings felt of various colors , of about 5 * 5 cm, for making various windows that will be the pockets of your calendar of fabric. Then draws a rectangle of felt of about 8 * 5 ​​centimeters, to make the door.


At this point, you must carefully copy the model of small files of tiles of decreasing length, about 30, 22 and 16 cm, above the colored felt and cut out everything carefully. So continue your work, noting the base of the house of fabric with needle and thread to match, the door felt made ​​earlier. After this, hold the various windows, 5 rows, spaced evenly, so as to cover all your calendar leaving a border of about 2/3 inches from the edge, and about 25/30 inches from the roof. Then with the sewing machine, over lock all lateral edges and the base of each window, so as to form small pockets and then sew also the little door on three sides excluding the upper one.

Finally, after setting all the windows and the door, must pinning the rows of tiles made, starting from the top, leaving about 2 centimeters of space between one and the other. Then sew the rows of tiles must be carefully trim the pieces of felt that project with the help of scissors. to complete, pin the two pieces of the house, the front and rear right side against right, then insert the tip of the roof of a strip of tape to make a gasoline, and then sew all sides, leaving open only the lower your calendar. Finally terminates your advent calendar cloth, making a small rim of about 10 mm on the lower edge and sew to back stitch. Finally on each window of colored felt, applies a number sticker or write different numbers with colored markers to create your original calendar. Good job!.