This guide ‘aimed at all those people who enjoy DIY and have an open space whether or garden dirt they want to build a beautiful bench masonry or wood.

Let’s go right away without wasting any more time to make our beautiful stone bench. ‘s start to dig a deep hole about twenty centimeters long, if we set the hollow flat blocks 50 centimeters but if we opt for wooden slats 1.50 cm and do so with cement and stones quite a screed for the foundation.

Let dry the screed for a day and a night. Once dry we prepare in our bucket with the drill whisk our cement mortar, should not be too spring otherwise affect the work must be compact and homogeneous.
bathe as usual bricks full.

With the metro divide the screed, which we created in three parts equidistant, if you are opted for the strip, otherwise we mark the end of the screed only two points. Create a layer of mortar on the slab where it should create the first wall of the support off the bench a little less than the width of the wall and begin to raise it.


Take the solid brick we put the mortar down and to the side where must lean the other brick and put it in laying patting with the bundle, you will do the same brick and the second with the third. Once the first row of the wall and was put into laying will settle on the level and you will see if level if that it was with the help of bribe giving small strokes will put you level.

Once in laying the first row you can start in the same way the second row but this time the bricks will shinguard 180 degrees so as to be more stable throughout. Continuing so until full height of the first wall and not erected. The same work is no for the second and possibly the third wall.

Once erected the second wall the level second placed between the two walls to see if they are at the same height so if it were not it will provide to match with the addition of a bit of cement mortar. Once erected the walls is backgammon the hollow flat blocks and with the aid of malta cement from affix on the walls and on the tiles it will provide ‘to fix them to the walls themselves.

Finally, there is the realization of the back, this is not just a wall that part of earth that rests with the three support walls of the session. Once finished the session will go plastered and then covered with a marble top or equivalent material. If you opt for wooden slats will take the blocks, about 12, to be planted between the strips and the walls themselves.