When building a house, the first thing that is decided is the use that will be made ​​of different environments. This allows you to prepare the right equipment for each room, such as the plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom and that of the gas to the corner area. In some cases, however, there is located in an environment that has already formed need to change. Let’s see how to make a kitchen on the balcony .

Place the food on the balcony of the means to have very specific tricks and try to make the most of every space. The first thing that must be assessed in relation to the attacks of various plants. If there are already arrangements for the use of gas or water, the work is definitely less. If you do not have one, this may prove more difficult. In this case, you should contact professionals to carry out the installations under .


Another feature to be taken into account to achieve the environment for cooking within a balcony, strictly about the available spaces. You may be thinking of expanding its own veranda creating a unique environment with a pre-existing living room. In this case, just make the openings on the wall so as to connect the two different rooms and they constitute a single. It may be necessary to break the partitions, create hedges or go out of whole cloth dividers. It is important to know that, for each type of work must be submitted on the project in order to do everything according to the law and according to the laws of that area.

Obtain a kitchenette or a real room to use as a kitchen, it’s much easier than it might seem. Once you have obtained all permits, have made ​​the plants under and have closed the balcony with the appropriate coverages, you just need to start to decorate according to your needs. You may decide to take the wall cabinets or modern classics, as long as you do not opt for the built-in kitchen. This is necessary to prevent the floor of the balcony should hold too much weight and possibly cause decontamination of the lower part. You should also be careful about where fumes are released of the various firings. Obviously, you have to consider the needs of their neighbors, who certainly would not want to hear all the cooking smells coming from their windows.