I’m running out to decorate my future home and spent hours and hours in shops and malls to find the right lamp that gabbiness the style of my furniture, but I never found the right lamp, no chandelier that met my needs of ‘furniture. Last month, after attending a house party with friends, I had an idea to create my perfect chandelier. has a modern, sober and my original lamp with Plastic Cups . Let’s see what you have do you also to recreate and furnish with originality (and a few euro) your home.

Clearly the first thing to do is find all the material you will use, but it’s a simple thing, here’s what you should use: hot melt at low temperatures, so do not risk burning the plastic cup (I recommend it because it is more resistant of ‘other) kit for the lamp (wire with socket and switch the socket and bulb) located easily at any hobby shop and do-it-yourself, galvanized iron wire. cups The plastic can be white (for a chandelier living room, or bedroom or office) or colored (for the children’s room, for example).


Now here’s to creating true to your own chandelier, which may have a spherical or in my opinion, you can also leave a semi-sphere. Begin by creating the first ring of plastic cups pasting them one by one with the glue hot, give it a round shape with a diameter of choice (or you need). Glue the cups by pouring a drop of hot glue on the top edge and on the edge of the glass infer, gently press a few seconds and wait about 30 seconds before moving on to glass next. Upon completion of the ring of glasses, take the galvanized iron wire and cut to fit the inner circumference of the circle that has been created, paste, always with the hot glue, the wire on the bottom of the glass. By doing so you will have obtained a more rigid structure which will give strength to the chandelier.

Council to repeat this last step with galvanized iron wire two more times during the creation of the chandelier, to increase their support and solidity. proceed with this process until obtain a hemisphere. At this point you have two choices: finish the chandelier kit for inserting the lamp (the lamp will be having a hemispherical shape) or continue to create a spherical lamp. If you decide to continue the work you have to flip the hemisphere and continue to paste the glasses up at obtaining a sphere.

If you decide to continue the work you have to flip the hemisphere and continue to glue the cups to adhere to a sphere. careful not to paste the nightcap Central will need to leave an opening to pass the wire, lamp holder and bulb. On the last ring of shots you create you also support with galvanized iron wire and create a sort of hook that will then hang the chandelier. Finalized the ball and the support to last link in plastic cups, pass the electrical kit and you’re done. Hang your lamp and given new light to your room! .