Until a few years ago, it was not “fashion” paint the house with different shades from shades of white or light colors, but they tended to express their creativity by furnishing it with paintings, curtains, colorful rugs and furniture of varied taste. Society now current has reached the point of trying new realities articulated very decorative. You can start it with simple solid colored and it can lead to particular effects obtained with mixtures and objects, which are found in shops and shopping centers in commercial premises for sale of articles for the “do it yourself”. The course is the result, because any type of technique adopted or painting, you can make your home like new.


Depending on the rooms that you wish to renew it is very important to understand how to perceive the space, and there are many tricks that can safely give a concrete improvement. If you need to enlarge a room are recommended for light or pastel colors, choose to raise the ceiling a light color in contrast with the walls, to widen a narrow hallway, you can use a darker color on the back wall than the side. Obviously, it is necessarily a bit ‘of information because even paint a room can be a task that requires different energies and the results are not seen immediately. So it is advisable to perform a dye test on a small part of the wall.

If you need to define, a space can play with the color of one or more walls. Another very important thing is the choice between satin-finish, the matte and shiny. The mat is a “cure-all” for irregular walls or out-of-square, because this allows you to camouflage imperfections. The satin reflects light, giving it a silky and warm, very cozy. Finally, the gloss on the walls where you want to attract attention, but the surfaces on which it is used must be perfectly smooth so that all defects will be highlighted.

Now that you have been made ​​aware of tips and tricks you can finally choose the right colors, intended and desired to be used in every room in your home. Surely if you become fascinated by shades and hues on display in stores or professionals looking simply folders (color table) will be difficult to make a strong choice and fast. In addition to painting the walls, you can play with the rest of the furniture to complete the work and feel at home.