When you decide to lower a ceiling, perhaps to cover any imperfections, to hide the cables and wires, to reduce the costs of heating or simply for decorative purposes, it may be a good choice to build a false ceiling . The end result will surely be wonderful and the cost to perform the work are decidedly modest, of course, according to your needs, you can create a lower ceiling in a single part of the house, or only in one room. If you need some advice on the whole process, read on: this is not a particularly complicated and you will surely realize even in your home.

The plasterboard is formed by a layer of plaster sandwiched between two sheets of resistant cardboard. It is a material that offers a considerable sound insulation and excellent resistance to moisture, but it is also a valid element fire. To make a beautiful ceiling, you can use the square boards of standard type, measuring 1 cm x four feet, or those with a thickness slightly greater that allow better protection against mold and fire. For the framework can help yourself to the appropriate sections of metal or wooden beams, with a cross section not less than 120 x 60 mm. Be applied to the ceiling using the screws provided.


When you will have everything you need (which you will easily find at any point of sale material for masonry and DIY), you are ready to begin the process. Provide then assemble the metal frame on which you are going to fix the plasterboard panels with different screws (for wood strips must instead use galvanized nails). You can adjust the plates to the extent desired by cutting with the cutter and helping yourself to a metal rod. Between the frame and the boards, it is always advisable to insert sheets Waterproof: they will have the task of forming an effective barrier to moisture. Finished fixing all the tables, applied for filling the canvas that will hold its cracking away and started to level the joints, and then let it dry completely everything.

Fine sand very lightly every part grouted, remove the dust with a cloth slightly moistened and proceed with the painting (with a roller or brush), preferably using non-toxic products. Here, the work is finally coming to an end: the final effect will be satisfied in the environments got and you’ll notice a wonderful touch of modernity and elegance. To provide for the lighting of the various local false ceiling, know that you can apply on the panel lamps, spotlights, etc., according to your taste, but remember to always take into account the scope of the hardware chosen: to carry out this operation correctly, you will have adequate advice by talking to employees of the store where will acquire the necessary material.