No need to be an experienced carpenter to shape tablets. Their clothing remains within reach of all. Using everyday tools, it is possible to obtain more than satisfactory results. Be adventurous, as the pride of exhibiting work will give you a reason to have tried it! Materials needed: a piece of pine 24 in. x 5 1/2 in. x 3/4 inch for the tablet (A) a piece of pine 18 x 5 x 3/4 inch for the back of the shelf (C) two pieces of pine from 7 1/4 in. x 4 in. x 3/4 inch to the supports (B), graph paper, 1 ½-inch screws, three flat caps 3/8 inch plugs and four hidden vis 3/8 inch.

Required tools: circular saw, miter saw or jigsaw, tape measure, pencil, square, drill, drill 3/32 inch, Forstner drill 3/8 inch hammer.

Step 1

Use graph paper to reproduce the pattern of the wooden supports (B) to size. Repeat each of the features available in compartment on the drawing provided. You can simply enlarge the boss with a photocopier. Cut out the pattern and trace it enlarged on the wooden board. Cut the supports (B) by means of a jigsaw. Repeat for the back of the shelf (C) by using the appropriate pattern.


Step 2

Using a tape measure, mark the center of the tablet (A) and the center of the back piece (C). Align the center of the tablet (A) with the center of the back (C). The brackets (B) at the ends of the back (C), to signal their location on the tablet (A) and back (C); mark also the location of the back (C) on the supports (B).

Step 3

Pre drill holes at the center of the marked locations on the tablet (A). Pre drill holes on the sides of the supports (B) in order to subsequently fix the back of the shelf (C). Turn the tablet (A) and enlarge the holes with the drill Forstner 3/8 inch in order to insert the flat caps. Do the same for the media (B). Pre drill holes in the back part (C) to secure the shelf on the wall. Larger holes using the drill bit Forstner.

Step 4

Align the media (B) with the back of the tablet (C) and drill the back by using the holes already formed in the media (B). Screw the supports (B) on the back part (C). By using the existing holes in the tablet (A), drill the back (C) and media (B). Screw the shelf (A) to the back part (C) and supports (B).

Step 5

Insert the flat caps in the holes on the top of the shelf (A). To avoid damaging the wood, use another piece of wood and a hammer to tap the caps. Insert the screw cover caps on the sides of the supports (B).