Many women since ancient times have been active in the creation of tablecloths, towels and various embroidery, to decorate their homes and to create kits to give to their daughters once married. of a few years now, this tradition seems to be reborn with new techniques and many new idea. Ad example, if you want to start creating unique pieces, but simple at the same time, an optimal solution is that of cross-stitch embroidery. Below I will explain how to make an embroidered tablecloth, but first we take a look advised.

If you are struggling with your first creations, do not despair. Cross Stitch is a real embroidery, but everyone can learn to do it in a few simple moves. the first thing to do is to buy a newspaper specialized in the field of cross stitch and with drawings and diagrams. And essential to follow the designs already created to have a good base and use the right color and the right number of points. HOW TO MAKE THE POINT CROSS : To start, you need to equip a needle and thread and start embroidering on a particular fabric Canvas called Ida, this fabric perforated it will help. The first step is to train with needle and thread on canvas of X going, for it started to thread the needle with cotton on the side to the back of the fabric, take out all the cotton, except a small piece and re-enter the ‘ needle into the hole opposite to the exit and continue to form an X.


The tablecloth is created using a fabric that has a central insert or side of Ida canvas, so you can decorate and embroider the corners or the central area, but first make sure that it is fitted with your table. you can inspire you to present models on the web or in specialized newspapers, in order to define the most of your idea. A your pleasure you can decorate with colored ribbons trim the edges or corners, maybe embellishing with bows or with simple carvings. What you need before you start any job is the right amount of cotton and patterns, which you can modify to your liking.

The embroidery can be done by keeping the points small, precise, or if you like to make more of the greatest crosses as long as you always remain the same size while respecting their form and their geometry. you can use any form by citrus accessories for the kitchen, flowers, buds, badges, cartoon characters and more.