Who has not dreamed of living “high”? Two-storey house, or small room with attic or loft for the bedroom. beautiful imagine to make a wooden loft and dream of being there to create, study, think and write. It’s a desire that each of us, on several occasions, we thought and maybe you wondered how to achieve it. But the loft is also a requirement, due to the need to take advantage of the height of high ceilings, large apartments or especially, in small apartments. The loft is for all, the important thing is to have a height Habitable, and remember that the implementation of major small spaces but require a skilled workforce and efficient.

Most of us always want to test making, with his own hands, a wooden loft. But, like everything else, it takes experience, dexterity and a little culture in order to understand the need for proper wood, because as we know, there are different types of wood, and the focus should be the seasoning, the type, and had to pay attention to the worm. There are several companies ranging in tastes and styles to achieve these lofts charming. But it is also true that there would also be savings from our good will.


To make a wooden loft, we need different movements Technical inevitable: an appraiser going to evaluate the consistency of the walls and the cottage, a carpenter who is, precisely, to calculate the length and position of the beams, a mason going to cover and finish everything that is masonry and possibly a good blacksmith to weld bolts certain points that require your intervention then finish it all with a beautiful spiral staircase. Only, is always risky to both at the level of security that at the economic level. But we can, with caution, to begin to implement it this way: prepare the walls by drilling of large holes, which serve to support wooden beams (which we did measure and cut by a carpenter).

At this point, we require the labor of a skilled mason, going to finish our work since we finished the loft, to access, say a beautiful staircase Of course, to be chosen carefully, also in order to “cover” any small defects that developed during the course of your work certainly, make a loft alone is quite cheaper, because you should call craftsmen experienced only in order to finish the work already done by you, but above all it is a great satisfaction for yourself Good luck!