Anyone with a door facing a garden, sooner or later will have evaluated the idea of achieving a shed in wood, in order to repair the door from the rain, but that also allows to go outside, while remaining covered from the weather . These sheds are really useful and realize it is not so difficult. If you have a little manual with practical work, this project will be right up your alley.

The first thing to do will be to make a small sketch of the project. This will allow you to keep under control the progress of the work. You then need to choose where to make the roof. For added convenience it would be appropriate to choose a perfectly flat surface , perhaps already tiled. Choosing the surface, it’s time to decide on the size that the roof will have. With a meter take measures that interest you (height, length, depth) and return them on the sheet. You will also note whether your roof will support one or more walls of the house. Then have a real picture of the finished work, and on each side, shows the measurements match.


If the surface on which you are going to work is stable, the next step will be to bring to the floor the size of the shed. If the base is made ​​up of tiles, for this you can use a colored chalk, because once completion of the work will be easy to clean up. If you work on earth, guests can stretch the string and secure it with nails. In this step you should mark the exact location where they will be positioned support posts and the perimeter of the structure. Those that will restore the floor, will also be larger than the canopy. Make sure, therefore, to track perfectly straight lines and angles which measure exactly 90 degrees .

So let’s assembly. Take the four anchors galvanized floor. Remember to buy a square cross-section, of course correspond to the measurements of your support poles (usually 20 cm x 20). The anchors will be fixed to the base. If in the previous step you have correctly reported the lines, this step is easy: you just placed the anchors on all four sides, drill a hole with the drill at each one and secure with screws. To proceed, you will then need to get help from someone. Place the two poles closest to the wall of the house (choose them for a good canopy of 2.75 meters in height), and secure them together with a beam (joist cm will be sufficient 10 x 10). To do this, with the drill made ​​a hole that is on the poles on the beam and fixed with the whole of the carriage bolts sufficiently large. One by one, the other also positioned support posts, and repeat the same operation for fixing the beams to all sides. The external structure will then be completed.

Now you have to take care of the roof. You will need to buy the rafters of about 6 x 8 cm section. Must be twenty centimeters longer than the width of the canopy. Place them one by one on top, taking care that protrude for ten centimeters on each side, and secure them to the beams perimeter. In this case it will not be necessary to achieve the through holes, but just to fix the joists with nails sufficiently long. The distance from the joists will be at your personal discretion. There will that cover it with a sheet of plexiglass , which will set all four sides with small screws and you are done it all.