The shoes, when not in use must of course be preserved. Often the boxes are bulky so the best solution is to buy or make a shoe rack . To obtain a good quality should, build it yourself. The operation requires the use of a short time, some materials and a minimum of ingenuity. So here is how to make a wooden shoe.

First, we are concerned to buy the materials to build a wooden shoe. Then we go into a home improvement center and buy the tablets in fir the extent necessary. These are used to create the skeleton of the shoe. At the same center we get a sheet of plywood to make the base and other fir boards for the creation of the front doors and interior shelves. Among other materials to be used, we buy the glue vinyl, four feet screw dye for wood screws with cross head and especially the hinges of steel prepackaged to be applied to doors once molded. With everything you need available to begin our work for DIY realize the wooden shoe.


First assemble the skeleton of the shoe consists of two boards that serve as the basis, the other two for the sides all stuck together with glue and left to dry for at least one hour. In the meantime, take care of the installation of the hinges on the tablets we have chosen to create the doors. When the glue has dried, we can return to work on the skeleton made. We apply then the bottom of plywood with wood screws using a drill type unscrews / screws. Then we fix the doors and the hinges (also screwed) and finally apply two knobs for the opening.

At this point, the shoe is almost complete and we just have to settle inside the brackets, farther and farther apart from each other by at least eight inches. The last shelf relative to the base to be mounted to approximately forty centimeters, to allow the conservation of boots. The final stage of processing that leads to the realization of the wooden shoe is to color it with the dye chosen that is sold already composed, and can be glossy or matte. Finally agitation below the base of the four feet. Now, finally, the wooden shoe can be defined and made ​​our shoes are kept all together in one container, thus solving the problem footprint that has led us to realize it.