Your bathroom could be decorated with small accessories in wood useful and practical that could be made ​​in an autonomous way. These accessories beautify your bathroom making it not only original and decorative, but also pleasantly rustic. Accessories along with hanging wooden beams will eventually create a perfect harmony in your bathroom. The shelves will be attached to the wall using the vertical supports of wood. In this guide, we’ll see how it is easy to create accessories for the bathroom.

You need:

Tools: jigsaw / hole saw, drill, drill and drill, rasp, screwdriver.
Products: pine board 100 mm in width, length as needed; sandpaper transparent polyurethane varnish; countersunk head screws and wall plugs, protective caps.

The accessories : will be constructed using a table from pine of 100 mm wide and 19 mm thick, while the length of the shelves will depend on both the space available and is the size that will prefer to give the shelf top to the soap dish and the cup holder.


First: you have to make a plan according to which will cut using a keyhole saw or a jigsaw, the different elements, brackets and supports.

The door-glass must be mounted on a support (250 X 100 X 19 mm) fixed to the wall. The horizontal plane is set at 60 mm from the top edge of the media. The attachment will always be by means of screws inserted from the rear. The door-glass should be 200 mm long, while the width and the thickness must be identical to those of the support. Once executed, the holes in which are inserted toothbrushes, will be shaped with the rasp. In the horizontal plane is cut, using the hole saw or jig saw, a circle which will place a glass. The wall element is fixed using not only the screws, but also expansion plugs. It is recommended to stagger the entry of the holes for the screws. The door-soap will be realized according to the same principle of the door-glass. Cut to erase with the saber saw, a rectangle the same size as the small container of plastic, on which you are going to drill a hole so you can slide the saw blade. The housings have been chosen instead of soap, glass and brushes should be shaped, making use of the jigsaw or hole saw that you mount on the spindle of the drill.