You are very imaginative and creative people? Would you like to create something truly unique, completely alone, using your imagination? Do you like Christmas and all its glitter and its decoration? If you answered yes to these questions, then this guide might be interested. I will explain, in fact, how to create decorations for your Christmas tree all alone. If you want to make balls of Christmas with beads and sequins, then follow my lead and happy reading!

You need:

* Styrofoam balls
* Tacks
* Sequins and colorful beads
* Hot glue
* Ribbons

Once purchased balls of polystyrene to be decorated, a medium size, otherwise it is very difficult to make the design, pick up a pencil and draw what you want to achieve on the ball (be careful not to draw subjects that are too small or it will be difficult to achieve with the beads). Decide the colors of the various parts of the design and start “coloring”, inserting beads inside the nails and then inserting them into the lines of the drawing done. An alternative is the use of the beads sequins, which will help you finish before the design and make it much more clear and lucid.


To realize this plan will take a lot of time and a lot of patience. I recommend that before you put the beads inside the nails (at least a dozen at a time) and then start drawing. To see if everything is coming along well, move the ball from you and look at it from a distance. Use sequins neutral as beige or silver to cover the background of the ball, once the design. The beads can also create geometric designs or write the names of people who give away the balls.

Warning! These balls made ​​with nails and beads are very heavy , so you need to buy a tape durable but keeping them hanging on the tree. Attach the ribbon on the ball before using hot glue and then carefully setting nails. When you place the ball on the tree try to put on sturdy branches and a bit ‘in to avoid that the branch can spoil. A tree decorated with all balls that might be a little ‘too heavy, then alternate these creations with the decorations solid colors to break. These creations are also a good idea for a Christmas present delicious and very original. Given full rein to your imagination.