To create the Christmas candles homemade, you must read and implement, the creative and simple instructions given herein. Quickly and artists, or be able to create beautiful, colorful and original candles, to use as a nice gift idea for the forthcoming Christmas holidays.

You need:

* Sheets of colored wax
* Wax model
* Wax wicks
* Gloss paint
* Brush
* Iron wool
* White candles
* Cutter
* Ruler
* Wax crayons
* Cutter

To begin creating your Christmas candles, you must first take the wax model, the color you want, depending on the subject decorative to create, and shape it with your hands, until you get the desired shape. To make a small moon of decorative wax , you’ll just get the outline of a small bezel working the wax yellow mold able, and make a small hole with an iron wool, to include so the wick. Then, insert the wick in the candle DIY, from the bottom up and shorten it with scissors. Then Refine your candle, decorate with markers of wax facial features, then you dry and then put out glossy paint for candles. Similarly, you can create small fir trees, pine cones and all decorative shapes you want.


At this point, after creating the DIY candles with wax modeling , you can create other wonderful Christmas candles , taking the sheets of colored wax, which create beautiful decorations to be applied on common white candles . To do this, simply choose the decorations of your choice, and the molds suitable to derive the shapes of the various sheets of wax colored. So after making the different decorative motifs, with markers of wax, you have to paint and finish the different decorations and then leave to dry for several hours. After that, the various designs of colored wax, are simply applied to the surface of own white candles, exerting a slight pressure of the hands.

To complete you must finish your beautiful candles with different Christmas decorations. To do this, you must obtain with the help of the cutter and ruler, from sheets of wax colored strips of red wax about the size of 2 cm and other green stripes of about 5 mm. Then these strips of colored wax, you must apply on your candles on top and bottom, so as to frame the different subjects of decoration wax , previously applied, and finally terminates your work, stretching about two coats of gloss paint and let dry altogether.