Not because circulation spaces, interior left to deal with the corridors and lobbies. The distribution of furniture and accessories has rules.

To make the interior corridors and hallways, the first aspect to consider is its size and lighting account with which to define the type of furniture to place and materials and colors that would be most appropriate in each situation.

Furniture and decoration receivers

When doing interior design, a fundamental aspect is that the storage spaces are always welcome. When the surface allows a cabinet position is interesting to leave coats and clothes. Other furniture that can be placed are wooden benches or a chair. In style, the ideal is furniture auction, which makes the space more welcoming, warm. These are usually dark furniture, so to offset the rest of the decoration must be done with light colors and light supplements, such as curtains of fibers. If space is very large spots can be created with any activity: it may be a small study or a reading corner. A carpet can be a good resource to define this space.


If the receiver is small, the interior design also provides practical solutions

If the circulation areas are small, generally not well lit. To improve this it is recommended to paint the walls in light colors. The bases in yellow or ocher bring more light and warmth to the environment.To gain storage place you can put a library, and that are narrower than a closet. Another option is to place shelves subject directly from the wall, giving a feeling of lightness. Coat racks and umbrella stands are accessories that can come in handy in low-dimensional receivers. Can also be used to decorate the walls only through pictures and mirrors. Be careful with the size of these elements by a lack of perspective that results in a smaller space. In homes where no receiver and want to have it, can be solved with a library or a furniture piece also supply storage space.

Different solutions to improve the perception of the halls of a housing

When the corridor is low-level resources are applied in interior design to make it “rise”. One is to paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. You can also decorate the walls with a wallpaper of vertical lines. If you are looking to widen the corridor, a socket should be placed high up to 1.20 m. Place a wooden slatted floor in the transverse aisle is also useful to create the illusion of greater width. In very long halls can be positioned intermediate arches or doors to get shortened. Another solution would not work with decorative elements such as two different carpets hanging pictures or vertical format.

The lighting in the hallways and lobbies, another aspect of interior decoration

Receivers in a floor lamp or table can provide a lot of warmth to the space. In long corridors are best halogen lamps placed every 90 cm. Also become interesting in the blanks with details of lighting on the walls or ceiling recessed.