To make the decorations of cardboard, simply convert common slips of paper, in beautiful and colorful paper stars curled decorative, with which to decorate the ‘Christmas tree or any other surface. This is followed carefully, the simple and artistic rules of procedures set out above, in order to obtain elegant and delicate Christmas decorations.

To begin making your decorations of cardboard must be cut on a cutting base, with the help of a cutter, several sheets of white or colored, as you prefer, 10 strip of paper about the size of 3 * 28 cm, other than 3 * 16 cm, and finally another 18 strips of about 3 * 26 cm. After that, take a strip of paper from 3 * 28 cm, and regalia with care so as to form a sort of drop , to be joined at the top with a Smollett of wood , in order to facilitate the perfect drying. Then, glue the ends of the drop, with a bit of glue, and do the same with all the various strips of paper.


Meanwhile, take two drops of paper and glue them together at about 8/9 inches from the tip. Similarly realizes about 6 pairs of drops. After that, paste another couple of drops of paper on the tip with the glue, and arrange all pairs realized in the shape of a circle, pasting them together at the top. Then with bits of paper about 3 * 3 cm, close on the sides of each pair of drop previously united, pasting with glue and allow to dry completely. Then, to make small decorative paper curls, simply rolling strips of paper of 3 * 26 cm, around a pencil or marker, about 6 cm from the end of the various strips, forming many small pairs of curls of paper decorative.

To finish, you have to assemble your star of decorative paper, assembling the various drops between them in the form of decorative starlet. Then Refine securing a pair curls, between the pairs of drops previously achieved, by arranging the part curled outwards. Finally, after pasting the various curls of paper between the pairs of drops paper of your star, ends glued on top of strips of transparent paper for hanging. Similarly, create other stars of cardboard DIY hanging, which decorate your home during the Christmas holidays. Good work!.