Santa Claus will arrive in a few weeks in our homes to bring a lot of gifts can go around the world in one night and this only because it has a special mode of locomotion: the sleigh with reindeer fairy flying in the sky and run children’s homes! This year, inspired by these important creatures, I realized the decorations for the Christmas tree that reminded me of just the reindeer of Santa Claus. Let’s see how to create them.

The material that we use to make the reindeer will be felt. I chose this material because it is very flexible, but easy to work, available in many shops do-it-yourself and craft and is highly effective. We will do two types of deer: a classical and 3D (three-dimensional and cuddly to the touch) For the first type we use: sheets of felt in color Erroneous clear, one dark brown, one red, one orange, scissors, markers fine-tipped, glue hot. For the second type we use : sheets of felt light brown, dark brown, red, scissors, markers fine-tipped, cotton for stuffing and hot glue. We see two different processes.


Here is the procedure to create the classic reindeer two-dimensional. First cut out the various parts that make up the nose of the reindeer, you can enlarge the photo inserted and take example from my own made. A After cutting the parts, here’s how to paste: with glue Hot glue the horns of reindeer in the felt that the shape of the muzzle, then paste to your muzzle the orange felt and then the red. Wait for 15 minutes and the glue is completely dry.

Here’s how to make the three-dimensional decoration in the shape of reindeer. derived From the image that I put the different parts that make up the reindeer (the nose, horns and nose.) Return the paper model of the various parts, on the felt, and remember to do everything twice because then we will have to fill the whole. Now take the two shapes of the muzzle and superimpose with hot glue to attach them started applying a little ‘glue just on the edge of the template: close it almost all, but leave about 7 cm open. Through the slot 7cm insert the cotton to make stuffing, done that, proceed closing the gap, the padding of the muzzle is complete. now proceed in the same way to achieve the horns of reindeer. To make your nose reindeer advice Paste the red circle of felt on the face. Realize the eyes of the reindeer drawing them with the markers black. Unite, pasting, the horns of the nose of the reindeer and that’s it! Introducing two very funny and magical reindeer Christmas!.