Make at home of Christmas decoration is a fun and enjoyable to create unique decorations and nice here is how to do, step by step, of little snowmen, soft and colorful, hanging from the branches of the Christmas tree.

You need:

* And white wool of various colors
* Crochet wool (number 2)
* Buttons and beads
* Straws
* Needed for sewing (needle, thread, scissors)

The Christmas decorations bring joy and happiness in your home and create the warm atmosphere of the party. These objects can be also nice gifts for our closest friends, who may use or to hang as ornaments. The snowmen are one of the classic images of winter and the holidays and will be definitely appreciated by children. To achieve them we procure the soft wool, acrylic also, some white and others balls of various colors at will. We can reuse for this purpose also advanced yarns that we have at home. We will also have a hook for processing, the size suitable for wool, a number 2 for example, might be sufficient.


We begin the creation of the puppet starting from the body, for which we will use the white wool. Let’s start making seven chains and locking them in a circle by joining the last to the first half with low point. Into the hole created work 17/2 high points and close the round with half a point lower. We continue the next rounds always with the same method but adding of the points to be distributed along the circumference. In the second we increase with 4/2 high points, in the third, fourth and fifth, respectively, 8 grow for a time. Between the sixth and thirteenth keep the same number of links and begin to decrease as the following ones until you get to 10 stitches to the fifteenth: so we finished the section of the head. From the sixteenth start increasing doubling points (two for each grid cell), while keeping the number reached without growing up to twenty-third. In the final part we begin to decline gradually, falling six points for each turn until you close. Before finishing remember to insert a padding to give softness and volume, then insert the cotton or foam pressing it right to the end and placing to make it homogeneous.

Once the base realize the decorations, starting from the application of beads for the eyes with a needle and thread. embroider the mouth and nose according to our taste and add the buttons on the body. realize the small scarves with wool and colored caps with the same system that we used for the body in order to obtain a half-sphere. We can also add straws in order to complete the composition. To hang the little snowmen sew a ribbon on his head and Modigliani to form a ring.