Just very little, at times, to create with their own hands decoration and graceful effect. One need not be of great artists: what you need is to have a lot of imagination, a pinch of manual and simple tools of the trade. Ahead of Christmas then, is beautiful and satisfying prepare decorations and Christmas decorations craft, especially if there are children in the house. Involve the children in making small Christmas decorations, in fact, is a great way to entertain during the winter and to make them fall more in the Christmas atmosphere. A Christmas chore easy to do for adults and children are the angels of paper. These are simple little angels of cardboard that can be used to decorate the house, the cabinets, the tree, the manger and all that fancy suggests. Let’s see how to make the angels of paper in a few simple steps.

You need:

* White card
* White tulle
* Balls to decorate the tree
* Silver festoons
* Silver paper
* Glue
* Scissors

The first step to achieve the angels of paper, after having procured everything needed, is to create the small body of the angel. Take a sheet, preferably square, cardboard, and roll it to get a nice cone. The card should preferably be white, but you can also choose other colors like pink, blue, golden, etc. to create the most original angels. The size of the cone, and then the angel, depends on that of the cardboard used: the greater the size of the paper sheet and the larger the angel! Once you have the cone, glue the edges that overlap and cut the ends to get regular circles and a stable base to support the angel.


Now take the other card and draw the outline of a pair of wings for your little angel. Cut out the wings and, with the help of glue. Once the glue has dried, attach the wings to the body of the angel a little ‘more than half of. Of course, you can draw the type of wings you prefer and, depending on the angel you want to achieve, you can choose the most suitable coating.

To make the angel’s head, take a ball than to decorate the tree. You can choose a white ball, transparent or silver but beware that it is the right size. Place the ball on the end of the smaller body of the angel. You can simply lay the ball on the cone or stick it on. Made now, the halo of ‘ little angel with a strip of silver garland to be glued on the ball. Finally, you can decorate the body with the little angel of white tulle. Behold, the angel of your paper is ready! can make many variations of this decoration to get different angels: big, small, colorful.