In this guide I explain how to make pool maintenance correctly, both to maintain its beauty and to protect you from bacteria and other pathogens. Furthermore, it must be kept a proper pH balance, to avoid irritation to the eyes and to the skin. We see then how to proceed, step by step.

In early summer, remove the roof cover and clean it thoroughly with a spray and then leave it to dry in the open air. If your pool has no cover, remove all the leaves and deposits on the bottom with a professional Extractor. Check out the lineup for damage and make sure it is functioning properly. To fill the pool, attach the water pump to the nozzle and put it in the filter function, until you reach the correct level. Clean well the edge, using an ammonia-based solution to eliminate any bacterial substance.


Now you need to test the water with a special kit, to measure the value of pH and chlorine levels. I suggest you seek a professional opinion pool manufacturer or at specialty stores in the area, with regard to the types of chemicals to be applied. Once a year, especially if this is your first time fill the pool, you should pay double the usual amount of chlorine, which kills more pollutants that have accumulated inside the pool in cold weather. The optimal time to perform this task, it is in the morning, to avoid to chlorine to disperse too fast; However, avoids dive until the chlorine will not be back to regular levels. Remove all stains left by algae and leaves the ladder, wiping with a rag soaked in bleach, taking care to protect skin and eyes.

When it’s over the summer after emptying the pool, clean thoroughly and disinfectant Fund with bleach. If necessary, remove any rough edges left by the chlorine from the walls with thick textured sandpaper. Unplug the filter and any devices, then remove the ladder and, once it has been protected by a cellophane resistant, store it in stock so it won’t rust. The last thing to do is to fill your pool with the fabric, securing it to the edge with cords.