Make sparkling water was possible since the early 60′-70 ‘, when they were put on the market the sachets of powder that made ​​the sparkling water. On the day of today there is still some brand which markets the product, but have also been created for special machinery to make sparkling water directly when it leaves the tap . Here is a simple guide on how to make sparkling water.

how to make sparkling water

Sparkling water , carbonated water

An ‘ ecological alternative that allows you to turn water into natural sparkling, are Carbonators water, of domestic instruments that connect to a tap from which drinking water comes out natural and sparkling water makes. These machines are equipped with filters that eliminate the residues of heavy metals and solvents also fighting the proliferation of bacteria. Through Carbonators you can choose to take lightly sparkling water or tastier according to the tastes of the drinker.

I have become a tool Carbonators environmentally friendly as possible to reduce the production of waste plastics using water packaged that you buy in supermarkets. As soon as they were put on the market, the Carbonators they cost enough, but now you can buy them with less than 80 euro. If you think back to a consumption of sparkling water bought in stores, there is in addition to the refusal of the plastic also the issue of gas trucks every day carrying pallet of bottles of water. At half-liter bottle or even a quarter, it is best to choose a bottle in which to put every day the sparkling water just produced with the home carbonator, reducing environmental pollution and saving the time to go to the supermarket to buy it. Think of a mountain of waste plastic bottles is really sad.

If you buy the bags of powder that is nothing more than baking soda, malic acid and tartaric acid, the process is very simple. Simply, after filling the bottle with water, pour in the powder contained in the bag, immediately close the bottle with the cap and shake well to dissolve the powder so you will get the sparkling water. Of course the taste is completely different from the water ready carbonated that we find on the market. Alternatively there is the food canister of CO2 ( carbon dioxide ), which allows to obtain the sparkling water. For this process it is better to use the air-tight containers and fill them with water, then be bubbled into the gas in the cylinder and close immediately. Now it only remains to pour sparkling water in bottles and immediately close the cap so as not to lose the gas.