All of us are always very careful to avoid risky situations in order to avoid untoward incidents, but in reality, we are all aware that most of the accidents, even very serious, will consume between the walls of homes. We should pay close attention not only out of the house, but also inside the four walls. In particular, in two rooms of the house : the kitchen and the bathroom . In this guide, we will, in particular, how to make sure the bathroom, one of the two places there are high potential for danger. So here is what are the precautions to be taken.

The first thing you absolutely never do in the bathroom, is to keep electrical appliances near water taps. Many times, in fact, it makes the huge mistake of holding the plug attached housing off, the plate for the hair or anything that you may use in your bathroom electric toilet daily or periodic. Nothing could be more wrong. All that are powered by electricity should be kept at a safe distance from any mandatory tap. Another serious mistake is to turn on the hair dryer while you have wet hands. It is very dangerous if not vital. Before you dry your hands and then you may use the hair dryer.


Recap: electrical appliances away from sinks, showers and tubs. Now we talk about the safety of the bathroom . Do not operate or carpets come down showers that do not have the rear skid . If not, you may risk slipping and, considering that the bathroom may be damp for obvious reasons, you could seriously risk falling and banging on the surfaces of health care, which we know are anything but soft. Based on the shower, but also of the bath, it is advisable to apply the anti-slip mats . Today we can find a very nice colored, as large as the entire surface or you could opt for small shapes to be applied here and there on the surface to avoid falling.

Should also be paid to elderly people and children. In the event that most people do not live in the house, especially skilled and casual movements, it is necessary to install grab bars on the wall in which is positioned inside the bath or shower to allow these people to hold on when entering and leaving. If, however, there were children, do not keep on hand various detergents which could open up and swallow.