The bathroom is one of the places in the house that is well not to forget. Although many are not often many attentive to the bathroom during the restructuring phase, many others like to create a bathroom really elegant and comfortable. For those who want some idea about , in this subsequent explanation, we will show you some simple ways on how to make your luxurious bathrooms without losing any functionality in a few simple steps.

luxurious bathrooms

Even without spending big bucks, you can make your bathroom a place of elegance and style. The design chosen for a luxurious bathroom, today is certainly minimalist with a touch of decoration eccentric and original. We must always pay attention to detail and very often the choice of the materials chosen for a perfect solution chic and luxury. You can also take a cue from the bathrooms of hotels and more in vogue (if you can) to recreate something similar in your own home.

Never disregard the bedding of your bathroom. A luxury bathroom needs new towels from the bathroom, all new robes of unique color and similar to the color of the walls or the marble bathroom. White is the color that recalls winning elegance, cleanliness, order and novelty. Even the choice of colors of the tiles, the flooring, paint, have to be clear or at most champagne. Opt for the candles. A luxury bathroom, chic and elegant always candles original suitable to accompany you in a nice hot bath and relaxing .

The luxury bathroom, needs a luxurious bath tub or a modern shower emotional with a square head and stainless steel. Bets over large mirrors with frames worked very eccentric or huge mirrors with LED light for those who love contemporary luxury. Even the chandeliers do their important play in the environment. Gaudy crystal chandeliers mounted lights or modern design pendant. Place your beauty products in glass bowls or glass and if you are a lover of plants included a beautiful orchid or another similar plant in your new luxury bathroom. Remember that a point that appeals to nature, which gives color to the bathroom is always perfect. Finally, also included a small elegant armchair and padded in a corner of your bathroom for poggiarci needed when brushing or make a nice pedicure.