The neighbor’s dog barks all night at your front door? The landing of the house is always crowded with people until late in the evening and this prevents you from sleeping? Or you love music and you like to listen to it in the middle of the night? No problem, in this guide you will see how to achieve sound insulation, so that they can act in freedom at home, without receiving and create noise pollution of any kind.

The simplest solution would be to remove the existing port and mount a fiber which is of volcanic average density. These ports, in fact, are not very expensive and unable to retain a large part of the sound, thereby preventing these procure hassles acoustic levels outside and inside the dwelling. If you can not do this substitution, we can proceed in another way. The best tactic is to increase the mass, or better, the density of the element that you want to act as an insulator and this is not, in any case, a particularly simple intervention, since this density must reach high values ​​and is not easily applicable to the doors.


In the first place, you are strongly advised to close all the cracks of the door through the use of seals or other types of barriers, because in this way you will prevent the recirculation of air between natural and healthy environment and the other, instead you must always ensure to ensure no problems. In a second step, to proceed with the selection and application of insulating material on the door. There are various types, and some are also quite cheap; obviously is not possible to use the material too heavy, such as lead, which would certainly be very functional but would compromise the door opening having heaviness reached with the product insulator. Better than opt for a sheet thickness of about 3cm cork or wood wool, which can be applied by placing the door on a flat surface with the inner side upward and proceeding with the application of the material after the application of a suitable glue for wood fibers (or of other type, depending on the case) of which is composed of your door.