In these last years the number of thefts in the apartments grew exponentially, thanks to the crisis facing the country. Every day, the news you have news of homes burglarized and, thankfully, more rarely, of people injured or even killed in the course of these actions. The present guide will attempt to provide useful guidance on how making your home more secure.

For those who live in a building, it is essential to close the outer door of access each time you enter or exit, in addition to not open the intercom without first checking the identity of the person who has played, is very useful in these cases The presence in the apartments of video. If possible, propose to the other condos to mount CCTV cameras that will monitor the areas of entry at any time of the day, providing a very effective deterrent against theft. In the event you reside in the foreground is preferable to mount the external grating of iron on the windows, especially if they were to appear on a road.


Of precautions can be taken even inside the house, to avoid providing useful information to thieves . For example, the keys do not stick labels indicating the names or addresses, and remember to keep the documents in a safe or strictly personal, however, in a rather hidden and make a copy to keep in another place. If in the safe are present jewelry of value, it is useful to photograph so that, in case of theft, can be given precise information to the police facilitating subsequent searches. Do not put tickets out the door phrases containing potentially dangerous if read by strangers (write to a neighbor that we had to go out for a few minutes, but will return immediately) and to leave keys under a doormat and in neighboring places.

As far as the doors of the apartments or houses, once the doors were considered invulnerable, but now, the preparation and professionalism of the thieves have made ​​them easily attacked. Experienced hands can easily break the cylinder, without causing any noise. It is possible, however, to change the cylinder port placing one anti-drill or put the bolts in. An alternative is to add a central lock (it depends on the model of door that you have because you cannot do for all models). Very popular is also the bar inside burglar who, moreover, has the advantage that it can also be applied to windows and doors. In this case, even if the thieves were able to break the cylinder of the door the bar would prevent the lit home.

If you leave for the holidays, in the early days to provide this information only to a few trusted people, and get to leave the phone number of the neighbors (who will inform you in case of problems) and, if possible, leave them a bunch of keys in order to make periodic visits to the house. Before you go out as well as be sure to lock the door and install any alarm, lock the windows with hooks to stop the sliding of shutters.