The coffee table is a pallet furniture to fashion with her unique style that brings a certain cachet to the room. Here’s how to build yours.

The coffee table is a furniture range offbeat blending perfectly with a vintage-style industrial. Easy to perform and almost free, it will prove practical and durable. Achieving ideal for beginners in the hobby without spending too much time, it will not fail for many effects.

Before you start

Estimated costs and time: 1h30-2h, 5 € (wheels and screws).


# Hammer
# Presser foot
# Screwdriver
# Jigsaw
# Screw
# 4 wheels
# Electric sander
# 2 wooden pallets (to be stacked)


What pallets?

The choice of pallets is completely free, however the type pallets Europe are best suited for this work. Their wood is already processed, you will not have to buy products to protect against drips of glass for example. You can find these pallets in various locations such as factories or even on construction sites and totally free (make sure you ask before the agreement).

How to proceed?

1. On top of the pallet, remove the three bottom plates (somehow the feet of the palette, but keep the cleats! Photo 1) using the presser foot and hammer.
2. On the pallet bottom, cut with a jigsaw half of top boards as shown in photo 2. Thus, once completed, you will get a side of a storage on two floors, and the other a single larger storage.
3. Assemble the two pallets together. To do this, do not underestimate the number of screws needed, in your table does show that more robust. Screw therefore, by two screws each time at least the four angles of the two pallets together as well as their environment.
4. Sand if necessary to remove splinters and standardize your table. However, be careful not to sand too if you want to keep the color of the wood (needed to maintain industrial design).
5. Fit castors to four corners, more or less remote depending on whether you want to leave them visible or hide them. Choose a model with integrated brake wheels, much more practical.
6. Your coffee table is now complete. You can, if desired, fill the space between the top boards with three plates removed in step 1). Similarly, it is possible to affix a plate of glass or plexiglass. However, be sure to take a sufficiently thick so as to maintain the strength and hardiness of your coffee table.