If we have to buy a sofa and we intend to combine it with existing furnishings, we did not do anything but a careful analysis of the type of furniture in the house. If the styles are different for each room, then you can match a sofa theme, although today the techniques of furniture suggest the mixed ranging from antique to vintage to modern. Thus we see in this guide how to match a sofa furnishings.

If the furniture in the living room is based entirely on modern, then the right combination can be the classic sofa with fabric rectangular in shape. In addition, if the environment allows it, also the one with the so-called Peninsula (form L-shaped) is ideal to customize the furniture creating a specific angle which can be useful for reading or for study.


A modern , say typically vintage , hard to see how that type of leather sofa which can be any color, from the traditional dark brown to black , to the pastel shades that give harmony to the environment and also between these definitely pink, blue or emerald green. The sofas in this case, despite being linear, they can also integrate well in this type of furniture in spite of the presence of backrests and armrests work with chisels and maybe just mentioned. However, a sofa completely worked and Louis Philippe style or Charles X does not hurt if you want to enhance it, even if the environment is modern and whether it is one of the most valuable items you own. Finally, if we want to match a sofa with a complete set in a classic style such as French or English, then the sofa should be categorically dark wood on the back that worked both on the arms, possibly accompanied by two armchairs and a coffee table and upholstered upholstered with fabric flowers or satin with a light blue or old rose.

To find a sofa that fits well with the English-style decor and specifically Victorian (the best ever), you should opt for one with coverings of mostly skin and dark in color. Some sofas in Victorian style, are indicated when the furniture is all set up with furniture polish with a buffer, in this case the structure is treated with buffer instead of the skin and the satin like finish predominates.